Beauty From The Cupboard: Face Masks

If I’m going to experiment with random pieces of fruit mashed in a bowl and smushed on my face, I’m not doing it alone! A while ago I invited over a few good friends to help me experiment with some of the recipes. We had a lot of failures I have to tell you but we also found a couple of things that we all really enjoyed and thought we’d do again. First the failures:

Whoever dreamed up carrot and honey as a great concoction for one’s face was not thinking! We mushed it as much as we could but the bottom line was: it was really hard to smooth onto your face and stunk. Some veggies (cucumbers) have soothing smells. Carrots, well just don’t!

Mushing up an avocado until it looks like guacamole and then putting it on your face is not only incredibly cheap but it’s good for you and easy to apply. We had a blast applying it and then relaxing and I’d highly recommend this easy recipe.
Because I’m not easily embarrassed I also made a video of myself doing it here that you can check out.

Banana and Milk
I have a friend who swears by this one and once you get beyond the thought of adding breakfast to you face it is a fun recipe that feels soft.

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