Be a pal….look through your closet!

I just found out about an awesome organization that I want to highlight. is a non-profit organization that takes in gently worn gowns, jewelry…etc. for disadvantaged high school girls so they can dress up and go to the prom.

I was reading one of the testimonials there:

“Even though I was working part-time while attending high school, I still did not have the money to attend my senior prom. I lived in a single-parent home and although I was well provided for, extras, like a prom dress, were simply not feasible. My co-worker found out about the Fairy Godmother Project and nominated me. I was nervous when she told me, but as the day approached, my excitement grew. At the event, all the volunteers were kind and so helpful. Everyone made me feel as if I was the star. I found a beautiful green gown that fit me perfectly and my prom was everything that I had ever hoped it would be.

Throughout college I reflected on the kindness that those people showed me and just waited for a period in my life when I could return the favor. Now that I have finished college and am a successful businesswoman, I have seized the opportunity to return the love and acceptance that this organization provided me. Everyone may not have my same story, but I am doing my part to assure that every girl feels that same love and acceptance at such a crucial period in life. “

I’ve got a few dresses lying around as I’m sure you do. It’s so funny what we keep, isn’t it, just for that one time we “may” need it? I just want to encourage you to look through your closet and pass along something to this worthwhile organization.

Originally posted on 9/3/08

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