Bayer Freebie at Walgreens

This week the Bayer Breeze2 is producing a $10 RR plus there’s a $10 MIR in the box or a $10 coupon. This makes it free plus $10 moneymaker! I haven’t got mine yet and I don’t have the coupon but there’s a couple of ways to do it:

Buy it for $10, use the $10 coupon and get $10 RR OR
Buy it for $10, get the $10 RR and apply for MIR. if you don’t have the coupon this is a great option but a reader emailed to say that he opened the box and the MIR was expired. Here’s what he found out:

“Ok, not sure if you got your Walgreens Bayer Breeze2 yet. The locals were out but, I asked the Pharmacy if they had any and they had one behind the counter!!

Downside to date, inside does have a rebate, but it’s expired. Ended like Jan 09. Now there is a phone# on it that you can call in if this was the case or if you had questions.
UPDATE: I just confirmed with Bayer’s 800 number 1-800-445-5901 that they have extended this promotion and you just send it in regardless.” Thanks so much, Craig for investigating!

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