Bargain Meal of the Week – Meijer

Thanks to our resident chef Stacie for this recipe. Check out her blog here for some great baking recipes. If you like this weekly feature please stop by her blog and say hi to her to keep this feature going! Thanks!

Night Before Christmas – Breakfast Casserole
TOTAL: $4.59

6 eggs – $.95
2 cups milk – $.25
5 pieces day-old bread, torn into pieces
1 lb Purnell’s Roll Pork Sausage – 1.99
½ tsp salt
Dash of pepper
½ Meijer Chunk cheddar cheese, grated – $1.40

Brown and drain sausage. Set aside.
Whisk eggs with milk, add salt & pepper and stir in bread pieces. Fold in the sausage and pour into a 9×13. Let set overnight.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake casserole for 30 minutes to 1 hour until egg is cooked through (you should see no liquid floating on the top). Top with cheese and put it back in the oven until melted.

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Each week we feature a meal for around $5 for 4 people which is comprised of buying ingredients from one store. Thanks to our resident chef, Stacie! For more such recipes, visit $5 Dollar Dinners.

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