Back to School Drive A Success

It all began with this little piccie of the most adorable child in the world in a backpack modelling for a button for his Mum’s blog designed by new friend, Mrs Soup. Good job I have a cute kid, right?!!! Last week we held the Back to School Drive to benefit schools in Lansing through Living Word Church and lemme tell ya, it was a blast!
As per usual I threw it together at the last minute. I’ve been so swamped recently with work that it was just a last minute thing that I knew I wanted to do. John’s Pizzeria in Dyer was an awesome place for us to meet and helped pay for all our grub. How great are they? Please check them out if you live locally.
My dear friends, Tina and Lori who help out everywhere and with everything. Lori says she’s only doing it so that “if” (HUGE if) I ever get to be on tv she can sing the theme tune!!!!
What party would be complete without dear friends like Katie and Isaac’s buddy, Ruby?
Then there’s some loyal readers. There may not have been a ton of us but there were tons of donations!
Derya O’Keefe donated some awesome jewelry from Lia Sophia, Kara Graper donated some AVON prizes and I threw in some things from the Chicago Sky.
Kara was awesome at helping me arrange all of this – BIG Thanks! Big thanks too for donating an Avon prize.
We collected A TON!

Big thanks to Office Depot for donating backpacks and Sharpie markers! Thank you!

Coming up…………………a packing party for Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan’s Purse. I love that because I watch sales and get free things I can donate to places I believe in….all on one income.


  1. Clair, that is soooo awesome! I was so looking forward to coming and meeting you, but unfortunately got caught at work.


  2. Nice job Clair! I wish I could've been there 🙂 Glad to see such a success!

  3. That was a fun night! We did get a TON!!! You guys need to come out next time!!!!!!

  4. MommaHughes says:

    AWWWWW….I so wish I could have come!!!!! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

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