Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Review

Recently we were sent the Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother to try out. Chase is 14 months and standing up in his crib which is a perfect time for something like this.

First off: I LOVE Baby Einstein products. I love educational toys and these guys are great at that. The Sea Dreams Soother has 25 minutes of lights and melodies which is a perfect amount of time to help your little one fall off to sleep or in my case, play in his bed when he wakes up. Chase likes to ease his way into the day and although I can hear the music I don’t get him until he lets me know he’s ready!

The other cool thing is a Drift-Off Feature whereby lights and melodies gradually soften every 10 minutes helping your little one go to sleep. They’re super simple to hang from your crib and although they need 4 AA batteries the box comes with them! How rare is that?

My friend Laura got one of these for her little girl and she also loves it! If you’re interested Amazon has it for $38 with FREE shipping.

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