AT&T/SBC DSL – Price reduction? faster speed? discount? just ask.

Lisa writes:
I recently got an advertisement for a competitor (Clear) of my DSL service (AT&T/SBC) offering a cheaper rate then my current one for DSL service. I called AT&T and stated that a competitor was offering me a cheaper rate. The customer service person stated that I could go to a slower speed for a rate decrease (no thanks!).
I asked “Isn’t there anything you can do to keep me as a customer?” She then told me she could transfer me to the retentions department. I stated the same thing, competitor = cheaper rate. He asked what I wanted. I told him that I had taken a look online (thank you hold time/transfer time) at what they were offering NEW AT&T Customers FASTER speed of what I had and a much cheaper price. Could they give me that?

He said yes! So a ten minute phone call yielded: a FASTER speed AND a rate reduction for $35 a month to $14.95 a month!!!!!

It never hurts to ask. Woot-woot!
Faster internet AND $20.05 MORE in my pocket each month from a TEN minute phone call!

I would HIGHLY recommend calling today or tomorrow. The online info says prices are good through 12/31/10. Maybe they will extend them, maybe not. It’s worth a shot!

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