Are Ya’ll Ready for This?

Well, I’ve been teasing it all week and just wanted to let you know that this week begins a very exciting series for myself and my blog friend, Beth at IN Good Cents.

Sometimes I know it’s hard to use the things on the blog to really cut your grocery budget. You may find as a newbie that to come in, jump on board and work out what in the world an SS is from an RR is hard. So, never fear! Beth and I are challenging 6 other women with blogs to put our budget saving strategies to the test! They’ll have 12 challenges and 90 days to cut their budgets. We’ll be tracking their progress with hints and tips so you can do it too.

The first challenge will be announced here on July 1st. Until then, here’s how you can get involved now!

1. “Like” 90-Day Budget Boot Camp on Facebook
2. Follow #budgetbootcamp on Twitter
3. Subscribe to Mummy Deals and In Good Cents
4. Check out our Challengers and subscribe to their blogs!
5. Get ready to take the Challenge yourself

Are you a blog that would like to take part? Although this time around we’re limiting it to 6 official challengers, we’d love it if you’d take part too and follow along. If you’d like I’ll provide you with a button that you can put on your blog to kick your budgets butt too! Just email me!

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