Are Firstborn Kids Smarter?

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Right now on my sponsor, JuiceBox Jungle, there’s real parenting news flowing through the New York Times this week and next, and we want YOUR opinions on it! The question right now is:
Is your firstborn destined to be smarter than your other kids?

With only one child right now I can’t see any patterns developing but I do know about my childhood. I’m the oldest and have almost every characteristic of being the first born: both the vices and the virtues! When it came to school I did really well, Danny not so much and would rather be outside of the classroom than inside. Annoyingly though he aced every test. He NEVER studied! Not once and yet always got A’s! It drove my Mum (also a firstborn) and I craaazeee! I love my brother dearly but please don’t tell him this (wouldn’t want his head to swell!)- he is way smarter than me! Both in the logical sense and the intelligence. Sure he looks up to me and boy do I miss him being in England but honestly when it comes to smarts, he wins outright!

“The New York Times says “firstborns are smarter!” in the article but clearly they’re not always right so what do you think?

Do you think YOUR firstborn has a higher I.Q. than your other kids?
If so, do you agree with what the Times claims…that this could be due to family dynamics; perhaps to the greater responsibility assigned to the firstborn?

Read the article by clicking on the appropriate frame in my JuiceBox on the sidebar, then comment! Tell me how you feel too! And don’t forget to answer the poll…do you have a sharper firstborn?”

Coming next week: How likely is it that you are actually raising a kid who belongs on the “fast track” for gifted folk? And finally, is this whole swine flu thing overblown?(I Can’t wait to weigh in on this debacle!)

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