AOL’s new Project Phoenix


So I’m not a huge AOL fan… HOWEVER, they just launched a new platform (Project Phoenix) that allows you to consolidate ALL of your media accounts. They are calling it the “newest communication revolution”, and I have to agree.

A few highlights:

The Quick Bar. It’s at the top of your inbox and it’s where you can quickly send off an email, status updates, text message or IM — from a single spot.

Next, you can bring your favorite accounts together, in one spot. Just add additional accounts, and they’ll show up for quick access in the left column. You have a personal email, junk email, business email, kids email, family email… add them all and check them ALL from one spot. It shows you each account from ONE spot. Genius. Talk about a time saver! Oh and it’s free!

No more ten webpages hotmail, gmail, yahoo, facebook, twitter ect. all open at once! Clicking between.

For all the details go here.
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