Anyone need some panties??!!

Whenever you make a purchase of at least $10 at Victoria’s Secret between 11/01-11/30 you receive a “Secret Santa Scratch Off” that is worth at least $10 but could be $10, $50, $100, or $500 (50,000 cards contain $100 or $500).
You can bring that card back anytime between 12/01-12/24 to redeem it. At the time of check out you hand your cashier your card, and they scan it to reveal how much of an amount is in that card. That is the amount you receive towards your purchase. Here’s the catch though: You can’t find out how much you have on your card BEFORE you make a purchase. But, it will be at least $10, meaning that you just ended up with $10 of free stuff at VS although you had to pay $10 upfront.
You can’t scan your card before your purchases either and you can only use one per purchase, but, you can always separate your purchases, and receive your reward on all your purchases!

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