Angel Food Ministries

I’d heard of Angel Food Ministries for a while now but was hesitant in posting as I thought it was just for lower income families. A reader just sent me more info on them and in contacting them I found it’s for anyone. In these hard times you or someone you know may need a little help with food and Angel Food Ministries looks like an interesting place.

Email from them; “Angel food is for any and everyone. If you know someone who would benefit from this just have them call a local host site regarding this. You may direct them to our website at Here they may click on ‘find a local site and enter your ZIP code only and hit search. This will bring up host sites in their area to call and talk to about Angel Food Ministries.”

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization which offers food to everyone at discounted price. Their site says that the food includes restaurant grade meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. which they receive producers/vendors of high quality, name brand foods.

The main box of food cost $30.00 and is supposed to be about a $50.00 value. After purchasing at least one main box, you can also buy any number of “specials” as well. This is mostly meat (although they have recently added a fruit and veggie box, an allergen free box and convenience – tv dinner box). A reader calculated a savings of about 25% off of Aldi’s prices. They always have sirloins, New York strips. Occasionally there is something in the box that you wont eat, like dry pinto beans, so just donate this to a food pantry or a neighbor.

They have a website ( and are now nationwide. You have to order and pay for your food about 2 weeks ahead of time – so there is some planning involved.

Does anyone have any experience good or bad with them?

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