And the Winner Is………….

The winners of the Kroger and Meijer gift cards are in. I’d love to be able to give everyone one but I’m afraid that’s not possible. What I did wanna let you know is that this morning as I was going over them all I prayed that God would bless each and every situation and give peace. I pray that Jesus would comfort all of the people involved.

Here are the winners:

I would love to nominate my daughter who lives with us. She moved back home with her 2 children and she is trying so hard to save money to get a new place for her and the kids. I know its hard on her having to live here and this would be such a huge help to her. I think the Meijer card would be great! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! judybrittle@xxx

I nominate my husband’s Aunt and her family for the Meijer card. She has leukemia and recently underwent a bone marrow transplant that failed. She is currently going through chemo in order to try a second bone marrow transplant from another one of her sisters. The biggest issue here is that she has 4 daughters at home, one of whom has MS and can’t walk, talk, or really move much. The girls have been staying round the clock at the hospital, taking turns every week, and caring for their sister. They don’t drive so they have to take their sister on the bus in her wheelchair to her medical appointments. Their dad is working almost every waking hour trying to keep up the insurance and pay for their bills (the insurance only picks up 80% of the cost. The bone marrow transplant alone was over $80,000). It’s been very hard on the whole family. Luckily, they are strong Christians and their faith has been keeping them going. Almost all of the extra stuff I get doing these deals goes to them. jujubee6@xxx

I’d like to nominate my friend Heather for either card. She is in process of moving from CA to MI with two little boys (2.5yo and 10mo) so she & her husband can be missionaries. I know she would be able to use either card where she is headed! ashleypichea@xxxx

I nominate my friend Amy, who has worked very hard to put groceries on the table by cutting coupons and working all the deals while her and her husband try to keep their small business going. I’m so proud of how far she has stretched their money! She lives by a Kroger but not a Meijer. amymaples@xxx

The winner of the Chinese food giveaway is bridgestranslation@xxxx. If you want to try it grab a coupon here.

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