And the winner is………………

I plugged in the number to and the winner of the $20 worth of FREE makeup from E.L.F is Deanna who would take Blistex. I guess you guys are all smarter than me as most of you suggested chapstick – I was thinking what piece of makeup I couldn’t live without and without that chapstick my lips would be fried by now!!!

Congrats, Deanna!

Don’t despair the rest of you as there’s still ways to get super cheap makeup from E.L.F. If you go to their website and enter the code, “MUMMY” when you checkout, you get a 50% off discount on your order up to $15 (maximum discount of $7.50). When I say most of their makeup is a buck, I’m serious. They’ve got eyeshadows, brushes, nail polishes, and blush to name but a few! I’d encourage you to go check it out here and then remember that the cute nail polish you like for $1 is actually $.50!!! The only downside is the shipping but with makeup that cheap, even with shipping it’s a steal! I’m thinking Christmas gifts!


  1. Wow! I can’ believe I won! Do you want me to send my address?

  2. Deanna, Yes, it’s you! Please email me! Clair

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