And the winner is………………

It’s so funny but I’ve had so many people saying that they want to enter but they never win…or that the first or last person never wins so they wait to comment. Well, today I plugged in the numbers and the last comment was the winner!!! Jamie said, “Love is…spending a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, in the warmth of your home surrounded by your loved ones after church service.” Jamie, you didn’t leave a way to contact me so you’ve got 24 hours to get in touch or I’m afraid I’ll have to pull a new number!
For everyone else, you can check out Moon Monkey’s awesome coffee online.

Plus, don’t worry if you didn’t win, we’ve got a new contest coming tomorrow, a fun filled week planned with guest posts and more ways to cut that grocery bill. If that wasn’t enough, there’s tons of freebies out there right now and Granny’s Deals is on the way.

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. Hi, it’s me. Sorry, I thought I did leave my email address. Still new at this blogging thing! 🙂 You can reach me at or Thanks so much! This along with some other really good news today has really made my day! Thanks again!

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