And the winner is………………

Sorry I’m running late on the contests but here are the winners:

The winner of the flowers is VALLYBELLE@xxx as chosen from a Top 5 list that I sent to Fleishmann Hillard PR. They picked her for this comment: “I would love to win these flowers for my aunt, Kathy. Her mother, my grandmother, just became gravely ill and is in hospice care in her home. My aunt works tirelessly all day an night to care for my grandmother. She never asks for help. I think flowers would really brighten up her day” Congrats!

The winners of the hint cards picked randomly are:
bethluteraan@, mbjanowski@, sarahkayjordan@, one6ylady@, janinelsmith@, cnwalkowiak@, fnw22@, gunnersgirl16@, millersara19@, hogan48@, tmongaraz@, ajr_fullmoon@, pettyjohn1019@, navybrat76@, donnasu@, teddybear72076@, DeborahHinshaw@, ChellseyLewis@, tcna@, jujubee6@, shawnie_barnett@, candy4521@, kellykellydtoysmom@, Tomsgal4999@, gilletteq@

The winner of the Want Free Stuff giveaway is Carly.

You’ve all been emailed so please contact me with your address so I can send on your prizes.


  1. Wow! How awesome! thanks so much! I know that my aunt will be so overjoyed to have some beautiful flowers. Thanks so much!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm soooo excited about the winner of the flowers!!!! Congrats to her!!!!!!

  3. ccndray says:

    I see my name but didnt receive an email? Maybe I missed it?

  4. My Aunt got her flowers a few days ago. They were BEAUTIFUL!!! Having just lost my grandmother a week ago, they came in at just the right time. My aunt was so touched by the sentiment and how I won these for her. =) Thanks so much! This giveaway really meant a lot to my family. =)

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