Mummy Deals Amazon Store

It’s coming up to the holidays and I know many of you are thinking of online shopping and I know lots of you do a lot of Amazon shopping but what you may or may not know is that every day you buy something through the Mummy Deals Amazon site, I get a teeny tiny portion of the sale. While you don’t pay any more money for the item, I get a small percentage.

I do highlight Amazon deals here on the site but only the ones I think are great deals. However I did want to let you know that in the interest of disclosure and also to thank you for supporting this site. As you know I don’t charge anyone money for the tips and because I will NEVER charge for them, I wanted you to know that by using the Amazon Store tab on the top of the blog, you’re helping to keep me going! So, I’d love it if you’d always shop through me!! :>)

Thanks for the support!

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