Amazing Kraft Coupons Reset!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember those Kraft coupons from here that I just posted about here? Well if you printed them yesterday they reset adn you can print a batch more! These seriously are the greatest as with sales you can get some dressing among other things for under $.50 or even FREE depending on where you use them!!! Yippee skippy, thanks Lynda! Get better really quick!

You can also print MORE SETS directly from

and and the Kraft website! Oh my goodness! Thanks, Laurie!!!


  1. feeling much better!! thanks for the shout out. Luv ya.

  2. I took my Kraft BBQ sauce q’s to WalMart in Merrillville yesterday. The BBQ was .89 and the q’s were 1.00 off. The manager said they could not give me the 1.00 they could only give me .89 off. Even though they are getting 1.00 from the mgr they are only giving the consumer the cost of the item and pocketing the rest. The cashier went to their Wire (online guidelines) and no where on there did it say anything about not giving face value of a coupon. She was then told she could not show me such material. I asked to speak to the store manager and he said it was their policy but yet it was not written in black and white. So you can no longer get the face value of coupons at Walmart if the item does not cost at least the face value, but they are pocketing our money. All we can do is call 1800 Walmart and complain they said, they were not willing to work with me at all. So I wanted to spread the word.

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