AMAZING Jewel diaper deal extended!!

This deal is good thru 1/14. Thanks, Lori and DesJ!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I was at ultra for the 5/5 quaker deal with all my other quaker coupons and was told I could not use the other coupons with the 5/5 deal.

  2. maric1126 says:

    I was at jewels and paid for my pampers then went back around and went shopping with my coupons. Lucky for that because the coupons expire on the 26th not the 31st but still i got $20 worth of groceries for free thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried the diaper deal the that it was posted and bought 4 packs and still only recived $20 worth of coupons. When I went back to try to by two more packs (with the coupons) they wouldn’t let me. I was told that you could not by pampers with coupons.

  4. Anonymous _ I’m not sure why they told you that but unfortunately it’s not true!!! You should be able to use the coupons again, I know I could. It says, “On your next shopping order” Clair

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