Amazing Jewel and Walgreens Deals

$31.40 for  $159.55 worth of products!

So yesterday I went out for a little bit to go and bargain hunt.  I do love the adrenalin thrill of free/super cheap food and my Hubs loves me to stretch the budget.  Anyway here’s how I did:

I hit Walgreens first as I was interested in the Kotex deal.  I had 3 x $1 off coupons from home mailers (AKA coupons they’d sent me with free samples!) so my total for 6 packs was $4.10 which included tax.

I then took some of my RRs that I got back and went to Jewel.  I did 6 transactions total over the course of 2 Jewels.

I spent $27.30 total and got $141.55 worth of food!!  How’d you do?  The deal is on til Wednesday and I highly recommend grabbing your coupons and heading out.  I didn’t find anything free but by combining the coupons I had with the amazing deal I got 9 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of Savorings, 1 Simply Cookies, 9 bags of Nut Clusters, 5 Biscuits and 6 crescent rolls.


  1. Atwood-Family of 4 says:

    Hi there! I tried to contact you via your contact button but couldn't get it to work-i wanted to let you know Jewel is having a special most of march if you buy 10 of any specific products (about 8 to choose from ) in one transaction you get a $10 coupon. One of the products is Old Orchard juice for $1.49. The Old Orchard website has coupons (I was able to print 2 in one sitting) for $1 off 4 containters of frozen juice concentrate. So once you use the 2 coupons and apply the $10 off you will get 10 containers of frozen juice concentrate for $2.90 plus tax. Amazing!

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