Amazing Deals on Burgers at Jewel!

Run quick, I think this ends today! Sorry guys!

Buy 4 x 2 packs of quarter pounder burgers at 41.50 pack of $3/LB.
Scan at register and $4.10 will come off for the $15 meat deal they have.
Final Price: $1.90/2#!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    help what

  2. Glad you had success with the pub burgers at Jewel during the current "Fave 4" sale. We've been quietly doing these smaller package Fave 4 deals for the last few months, not only with the pub burgers, but also the chicken breast and porkchops etc., sharing the info with others through blogs, emails (and even real conversations!). But throughout this we've been stressing to please please please keep this "under the radar" as we do not want it to end. One of the things that is strongly discouraged is to ask the butcher to repackage the meats into smaller packaging just so that it'll ring up with the discount. If everyone were to start bombarding the butcher, Jewel would certainly rethink how these discounts are in the system and stop offering us this great deal.

    Again, wishing awesome success to you and everyone with Jewel's Fave 4. With most of the cat deals, we're plenty stocked with things like cereal and soup, but rarely do we get to have such fortune with top notch select cut meats. Happy shopping!

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