All Natural Crock Pot Strawberry Jam Review


Last week I made all natural crock pot strawberry jam and promised to report back. The recipe is here – All Natural Strawberry Jam but here’s my review after taste testing it. This one is for you, Mel!

All Natural Crock Pot Strawberry Jam Review

Usually I try recipes before I blog them but this time was unusual so I promised I’d update the post. Let’s just say that the combination of strawberries, honey and lemon has found me sneaking in the fridge with a spoon when the kids aren’t looking! I’m not lying when I say this is the best jam I’ve had and I don’t think it’s just in my head because it’s all natural!

It does thicken nicely after a few hours in the fridge eliminating the need for pectin in favor of the apples. I will definitely be making this again and canning some for the winter.

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