All In One Cooker Only $49.99

Ok seriously this machine is AWE-SOME! It slow cookers, steams, sautes, cooks rice and more and would de-clutter your kitchen in no time. Best bit? It’s a great deal at just $49.99 and FREE shipping! Check out these features:

The Westinghouse SA21950 Counter-Top Chef is a revolutionary and versatile multi-cooker that has 10 cooking programs all in one stylish, space-saving appliance. Simple to use, the CT Chef will fast become your kitchen’s meal maker as it can steam, slow cook, bake, quick stew, braise, saute, cook rice, boil, re-heat, and keep your food warm until you are ready to serve. Its sleek, compact design is beautiful and small enough to be kept on the counter or tucked away in a cupboard, leaving your kitchen clutter-free.

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