Advertise at Mummy Deals – An Inexpensive Way to Reach Thousands Daily

For those of you reading this in the email you may not have noticed that my blog was just redone and is now all purrrrty!  If you have a second, check it out.  We’re still working on it a little but I’ve tried to make it easier to navigate and contact me.

One thing I wanted to throw out was this: I’ve had lots of requests in the past to advertise at and with the new design that’s now possible.  We’ve got special introductory rates going on for the next 3 months that are really inexpensive for advertising.  If you’d like to reach thousands of daily readers, then consider Mummy Deals.  Keep in mind my readers love specials or discounts so if you’d like to offer something like that, I think we’d be a perfect fit.

For more information and pricing, please contact my Advertising Manager (AKA My darling Hubs Tim) at

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