Adler Planetarium New Exhibit and FREE Days

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago opened a new permanent exhibition geared towards the younger set – 3 to 8 year olds. It is called Planet Explorers and is an immersion experience. Children can act as mission control specialists, blast off in a giant rocket, visit a fictional planet known as Planet X, and learn what life would be life as a space explorer studying a new planet.

Last week I was asked to attend the media preview so I took a couple of testers with me in the form of Isaac (2) and Ruby (3 1/2). We had fun but I spent a lot of time chasing the monkey around. Ruby however, seemed to really enjoy it and happily launched a rocket, tried on the astronaut’s bed and looked at the space potty. In the past Ruby’s Mum had mentioned that the Adler lacked anything for little kids like Ruby and it needed that. So we were both happy to see them catering to the younger crowd.

Just as exciting as the new exhibit is that you guys can see it for FREE on certain days. Here is a list of the upcoming discount days when general admission is free. The exhibition does not have an extra fee associated with it so it would also be free on these days.

  • Tuesday April 20 & 27
  • Wednesday May 12
  • June Discount Week (June 7-11)
  • September Discount Week (Sept 13-17)
  • Tuesday December 7, 14, & 21

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