A Simple Question: Is That The Best You Can Do?

Sometimes it really pays to ask for a better deal on some of your household expenses. Sure, your local gas provider is unlikely to lower rates, but your phone and cable guys are always looking to keep customers. Here’s how a couple of people did on their bills just to show you that it can be done and to encourage you to try. If you’ve got a similar story I’d love to hear it!

Call All Your Carriers

My husband and I were going through our budget lately. I called three different monthly bill/service providers and simply said “We are looking to switch to a competitor, is that the best you can do?” Two of the three, gave me monthly credits! The final was our cell phone carrier, whom said that we were already getting a better deal (by $20 and month) than they could offer now.”

There’s Always an Alternative

AT&T has four levels of speed, we have the second from the bottom. The basic is $19.95 regularly. We only have DSL through them, no other service lines.

I called and asked if they could make the competitor rate of Clear of $30/month.
Customer service said no. I could downgrade my speed to get a lower rate but that’s it. I pushed a little and said that they would lose me as a customer over $5/month then. She then said that she could transfer me to customer retention, hold, hold. Spoke to customer retention.

I had looked online in the meantime and saw that NEW DSL only customer were getting $19.95 for the fastest rate, and $14.95 rate for the three lower speeds (including the one faster than the mid one we were currently getting). I just stated the facts again, and he offered me the NEW customer rate of $14.95/month AND one level faster speed. SO in the phone I netted faster DSL AND $20.05 less of a price! $14.95 now for a faster DSL speed.

I have tried it before with AT&T DSL, but always stopped at the Customer Service no, because I didn’t have a competitors lower rate, so I never pushed because I didn’t have another service to jump to.

So long story short, I just got my DSL cost from Att+t LOWERED from $35/month to $14.95… AND got a faster speed.

It Pays to Ask

We decided to have our air conditioner checked out so I made a call to company X to make an appointment. The girl answered and we set up a date. “Do you accept competitor coupons?” rolled off my tongue. I had checked and this company didn’t have any offers out there, but I had another company’s coupon for $10 off.

She was taken aback, “No one ever asked that before; I thought we had the lowest prices. I’ll have to ask my boss.” She came back and said they would as long as it was a current coupon!

My challenge for the new year is for you to call your current carriers and ask if that’s the best they can do!

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