A Series for Newbies – The Dreaded C Word!

My coupon holder

What newbie series wouldn’t include a post on coupons. Here’s Amy’s email to me:

I’m currently working on putting together my coupon binder using the baseball card holders in a zippered 3 ring binder. it’s taking FOREVER to put together. i sure hope this saves a lot of time b/c if i do all this and it still takes a ton of time to upkeep (take out expired coupons, put in new ones, etc.)i’m going to go nuts. do you have an organizer like that or a different kind? if you do, is all this time going to end up being time-saving? or did i just pick a very time-consuming method???

I am very simple when it comes to coupons:

  1. Cut out mainly toiletry ones (to couple with free things at WAGS and CVS)
  2. Only cut what I need. Once my kiddos are old enough to cut I’ll circle the ones I want and have them clip away.
  3. One night a week while watching a show on tv with hubby I clip and sort. Sometimes less than that. I then put them into one of 2 folders as seen above. I have one for toiletries and one for food.
  4. While I’m adding new ones I take out expired ones and don’t do tons of weeding out.
Just start out simple and don’t beat yourself up with all that clipping!

Anyone else have helpful hints? Like your system? Have Newbie Questions?

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