A Series for Newbies – Overall Lifestyle

Here’s Amy’s recent email:

I’m realizing that to lower your grocery budget, it’s not just about menu planning & coupons & loss leader sales (although that’s HUGE), but it’s an overall lifestyle that makes it possible to spend so little. So if I actually USED my bread machine and made my own baby food more often, for example, I could probably do this. Right? So one of the things I’d like to get better at (other than the things I just mentioned) is that I’d like to freeze more things. I already freeze meat, pureed veggies for my baby, and cheese. But I’m wondering what else is safe to freeze/not freeze so that we can take better advantage of GREAT deals.
I loved it when you did that post about you and Peggy getting all those potatoes and cooking them all to freeze a bunch of them. Things like that get you thinking outside the box. Most people don’t think about buying produce in bulk.

Amy’s right, it’s a lifestyle and you will start seeing a change so if you’re a newbie give it time but you will see a reduction in your grocery bills. I did a whole week of the hows, whys and wherefores of freezing a while back that you should definitely check out as it shows you what can and can’t be frozen. I buy fresh produce often then freeze some. It’s healthy but means I can get it on sale.

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