A Series for Newbies – Getting Started

I have a friend in TN who’s been watching my blog since the beginning and is trying to save moolah. She’s new to this and so we’ve been having some email dialogue as I help her. I think some of it is so pertinent to all newbies that I asked if I could share. Here’s the first part all about Getting Started:

Although you may not see the fruit immediately, you will see it. With 2 small kids nobody has time to go around tons of stores and to be honest I don’t. Here’s what I do:

The first time I went shopping (after buying our home) I spent quite a bit on essentials. Now I just do top up. So this week I went to Meijer as we buy coffee creamer from there as it’s the best deal. But I don’t wanna do another grocery store so we found the fruit that was cheap bought some of that and a couple of other bits. I bought 4 things of mushrooms to freeze because they were super cheap. I also bought some meat at $.99/LB, brought it home, flash froze it and bunged it in the freezer.
Next week I won’t need meat, I also have a lot of pasta, sauce, tacos in. But maybe Tim’s fave frozen pizzas are 5/$10 so it’s time to stock up there.. Again I’ll need produce (I buy that almost weekly) but as pizzas are on sale at Ultra I’ll see what deals they have on produce.

I only do one grocery store a week (or every other week) then I do CVS or Walgreens or maybe both if the deals are good.

Another key is knowing what the basics cost. If you always buy Goldfish crackers know what a good sale is and buy a few.

If you have Newbie Questions for me let me know and I’ll try and include them in this!

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