A Night of Protective Thinking

In March, 2007, a woman was abducted from an Indianapolis downtown parking garage. She was driven from that location, robbed, and raped. At the time Karen Kell was with a women’s company, Business Women Connect; and they were disgusted with the increase in crimes, especially against women. She felt they had the forum and a voice, and dedicated herself to making a difference.

So they approached the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department who supplied a trainer, Jeff Patterson, and a city-wide free night of self defense was set in motion. After just two days of media coverage, one hundred and fifty women registered for the training and even more registrations occurred in the weeks that followed. The program struck a chord and there was an obvious need. More training dates were created first for the public and then to corporations for the training of their employees.

I’ve never done any self-defense training nor have I thought what it means when you say, “Protective Thinking” but with Isaac around personal security is so much more important to me than ever before. Last Christmas I arrived at a mall and saw lots of security officers. They informed me that a man had approached a woman in the parking lot but had since left the scene. As we came out of the store we scurried and looked around as I walked. I unlocked the car and shuffled us both in and locked the doors. Only then did I buckle him in and climb over to the front.

It’s incidents like this that have made me more interested in self-defense training which is why when the people at An Escape Plan contacted me to come and take part in a night of Protective Thinking I agreed. I’ll be sharing more on this great program soon and will be giving away a DVD too. Check out their website here and let me know what steps you’ve taken for your personal security.

I’ll leave you with this post about social media safety that really has me thinking……..

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