9 Ways To Save On School Uniforms

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School will be back in session soon and if your kids need a school uniform you know they’re not cheap. Growing up in England we had to have a full uniform including ties for the girls and I think what a fortune my parents must have spent. Here are 9 great ways to save money on school uniforms.

1) Ask friends.

Quite often you can grab some hand-me-downs simply by asking around.

2) Have out of town relatives look for you.

Locally EVERYONE is looking for the same items and colors so it’s picked over but out of state, they need different colors so you may be able to find some great deals at thrift stores if you’ve got out-of-town family.


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4) Craigslist

The main source for buy/sell/trade, check out the Craigslist listings in your area to see if you can get your hands on some cheap school uniforms.

5) Freecycle

This is a great place for freebies and you may be able to pick up some great finds.

6) Check Year Round.

The early bird catches the worm so start planning ahead and think to look out for uniforms for the following year.

7) Gifts

Yeah it’s kind of boring but we all know kids have too many toys and can use more useful items. Why not ask relatives for them as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts.
Mention color restrictions when the relatives ask “Do they need clothes? YES, but if you see red, white, navy and tan, she could really use those because then she can also wear them to school.”

8) A Swap Party

Grab a few friends and have everyone bring some of their outgrown sizes. Brew the coffee, put out some muffins and get swapping!

9) Facebook

Post a link on Facebook sites (does anyone have ____ ?) You’d be amazed at responses. And 99.9% of the time people will just give it to you. No cost.

Thanks Lisa for your help with this!

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