7 Ways to Save on Maternity Clothes

7 Ways to Save on Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothing is considered a specialty clothing category which is why maternity wear tends to be way more expensive than regular clothes. This is quite unfortunate especially since you are focusing a lot of your efforts on saving up for your baby. Women frequently ask me if they should just purchase regular clothing in larger sizes to save money on maternity wear. The answer is no. While larger sizes of your current clothing will cover your growing baby bump, they are not meant to contour your body in a flattering manner. Finding stylish and inexpensive maternity clothes doesn’t have to be an epic quest.

Maternity clothing

Here is the advice I give women who are looking update their temporary wardrobe on a budget:

1. Go through your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Look for items that will convert well into maternity wear. Tops and dresses with empire waistlines will not only accommodate your growing bump for a while, they are also great at camouflaging it. Although they will eventually stop buttoning up on you, cardigans and jackets layer well over other maternity tops to create a slender look. Low rise bottoms and bottoms with elastic wastes will also fit you for a while.

2. Look for free maternity clothes. No, this isn’t too good to be true!

3. Get to know clothing stores’ sale and clearance items. You can frequently find the items you are looking to purchase on sale if you are willing to be a bit patient. Whenever I found something at Motherhood Maternity that I wanted to purchase, I would wait a couple of weeks. Over 90% of the time the item in question would be on sale within weeks of making its retail debut. Consider signing up for your favorite stores’ e-newsletters. This way you will learn about upcoming sale and clearance events effortlessly.

4. Only buy clothing you need now. Pregnancy constantly changes your body shape and size. There is no way of knowing if the items you purchased for down the road will fit you at that time.

 5. Purchase extra-long tops.

As your baby bump grows and drops in your third trimester, most of your tops will become too short. To avoid having to purchase all new tops for the last couple of months of your pregnancy, plan ahead and buy extra-long tops from the beginning.


extra-long tops (2)

6. Consider renting maternity clothes. When I was pregnant, I hated having to spend large chunks of money on clothing items that I was only going to wear once or for a very short period of time. Renting maternity clothes is a fantastic way to save money on that dress you need for this one wedding or for that super warm coat you need to wear for two months.

 7. When you are done with your maternity clothes, consign them at your local or online maternity clothing consignment shop. This is a fantastic way to make back some of that money you spend originally.


Maternity Clothes

About the Author:
Becca Daniels is a self-proclaimed fashionista from St.Paul Minnesota who believes that “just because you are pregnant and on a budget, it doesn’t mean you should look and feel frumpy”. She is the momma-to-be behind Inexpensive Maternity Clothes, a blog focused on helping women find stylish and inexpensive maternity clothes online.

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