7 Things I Always Buy At A Garage Sale

1) Free Items.

Sure it’s not exactly a thing I “buy” but when I see a free box at someone’s house I scour through it.  If there’s anything still with tags on or in it’s original package I grab it.  If we don’t need it it makes a great donation item.

2) McDonald’s Toys In The Package.

Recently my friend Michelle found a sale where they were selling these.  As we can use them for Operation Christmas Child she asked if they’d give her a good deal on them.  We scored a whole bag-ful and Kiley helped me carry them!

3) Small Furniture.

Our wooden dining room table was just $30, our coffee table was just $7 and we got this item for just $3.  I needed something for the kid’s play room but didn’t need anything expensive so I checked garage sales that week and sure enough grabbed a bargain.

4) Items For Operation Christmas Child.

5) Dress-Up Costumes.

I was very naive to think that only girls dressed up!  Isaac and his buddies love dressing up as superheros and as costumes are expensive new and are usually only worn once or twice I like to check garage sales for ones that are barely worn. (The Power Rangers one was just $1.)

6) Gifts.

Cute Robeez shoes still in the package or Hello Kitty goodies make great gifts.  If I see new baby items I love to pick them up so I can take them with a meal to a new Mom friend.

 7) Almost-New Shoes.

These shoes were just 50 cents and look barely worn.  Although they’re way too big for my kids, we have a friend I can give them to as they were so cheap.

What do you like buying from a yard sale?  Do you have yard sales in your town?


  1. Ive never thought about taking free things to donate them. I usually buy reading books and cookbooks at garage sales because they are so cheap!

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