7 Places To Donate School Supplies To

At this time of year each year lots of stores have free or cheap school supplies and although I don’t have a school-age child I love to get items and donate them. On one income we couldn’t write a check for such things but we can help by doing the shopping and donating.

1) Operation Christmas Child.

This is a place that my husband and I have worked with for years by packing boxes. In fact last year I put together this video to show how we packed 45 boxes for $45. It’s easy, fun and you can do it with the kids. Tim and I spent 3 years in Thailand as missionaries and seeing the poverty some children live in is shocking and heartbreaking. Although these boxes won’t fix everything, it really helps.

2) Boys & Clubs of America.

Help a child in need by helping them go back to school.

3) Children’s Hunger Fund.

Children’s Hunger Fund meets the needs of hungry children by delivering Food PaksĀ® directly to their homes through networks of local ministries and needs school supplies as well.

4) Local Schools.

Schools are always in need. Find one near you. You could also see if a local church is doing something.

5) Adopt a Classroom and Donors Choose.

These are both organizations that help match donors with schools in need.

6) Do Something 101.

This is a national school supply drive where Staples is encouraging teens to host their own school supply drive and drop off collected school supplies to donation bins at Staples. The donated supplies will then be distributed to a local charity that has been matched to that particular Staples store. In 2012 it’s from now until September 15 2012.

7) Operation Backpack.

Run by Volunteers of America but only available in some areas.


  1. My local Red Cross chapter also collects school supplies and distributes them to military children not around a base.

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