6 Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Ideas

6 Valentine's Day Teacher Gift Ideas

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A few days ago one of my Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Ideas kind of struck a cord with some readers. I guess I’m not the only one wanting to bless a teacher with a simple frugal gift! So I wanted to add to the list and so here are 6 Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Ideas.

Of course, gift cards are nice but they are more expensive and it’s hard to remember the individual who gave it to you ten years later unlike these special homemade teacher gifts.  Each of these teacher appreciation gifts will run you under $2, except the candy bar poem, and most of them come with free printable tags for you to print out and gift.

These frugal gift ideas will help bring a smile to a teacher’s face. Don’t forget the music teacher, physical education teacher, computer teacher, etc.

A Note on Teacher Gifts

I come from a long line of teachers in my family including my Mum. One year for Christmas she got a photo of Istanbul. No joke. Except we did. We all cracked up {sorry} I love giving teacher gifts but throughout blogging some of these I’ve been told by a couple of teachers that some just end up in a box. They’re grateful for the thought but simply can’t use another mug. One teacher said,

” I like getting mugs, notepads, etc but you soon run out of places to put them. I love the creative edible gifts that are so cute and thoughtful while enjoyable and you don’t have to pack it away in a box in a closet or basement.”

Simply click on the link to be take to the teacher gift craft complete with photos and instructions.

reusable cups Teacher Appreciation Week Gift

1) Reusable Cups

Fill these Reusable Cups with coffee packets or lemonade packets and even a gift card to say thanks to a special teacher.

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift Ideas

2)  Candy

Super simple and fun, you can get everything you need for this Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Ideas from your local drugstore and make it in a hurry!

teacher appreciation candy bar poem 3) Candy Bar Poem For Teachers

This bad boy – Teacher Candy Bar Poem –will run you around $20 but is oh so worth the fun your teachers will get  out of it! When we gave it lots of other teachers kept commenting on how cute it was!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts berries

4) Berries

Change up the apple idea a bit and give some berries complete with a free printable tag for you.

bath salts Teacher Appreciation gifts

5) Bath Salts

I bet you have most of the ingredients needed for Homemade Bath Salts in your house just in case you need a gift in a pinch! {I know I’m not the only one who forgets stuff and then hurries around making something}

Coconut Honey Scrub Teacher Appreciation Gifts

6) Coconut Honey Scrub

This is what I gave my son’s teachers once. I made about 10 containers for around $15. I’m using it myself and love it as a face scrub!

What’s your favorite  of the Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Ideas?

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