6 Roses for under $5??!!

One trick I have when buying flowers is a little unsual. I buy them from ALDI. Seeing as I’ve told a couple of friends recently and they had no idea you could buy flowers there I figured it was worth a post!! They’re at the front of the store, on the right when you first walk in in most ALDIs.
ALDI has roses for $3.99 for 6 and bunches of flowers for around $2.99. If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking they’re no good, then you’re just like me! Until….someone bought me some from a florist and at the same time Hubs came home with some from ALDI. No word of a lie the ALDI flowers outlasted the florist ones by a WHOLE week!!!!
They make a fun gift and as they’re so cheap you could buy a few bunches and give someone special a great big bunch of flowers.


  1. Moon Rani says:

    On a grim and grey day last winter, I bought a bouquet from ALDI at a clearance price of eighty-nine cents. They lasted over a month, longer than the flowers I've gotten elsewhere.

  2. Kristin L says:

    I actually bought and planted my rose bush I got from Aldi and there is buds on it already! I barely water it or take care of it and it looks great! I got it for $2.99!

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