6 Homemade Scrubs

Homemade Scrubs

When my friends made me the Coconut Honey Scrub for Christmas I was hooked and wanted to try more Homemade Scrubs. I searched for homemade scrub recipes and there’s bazillions online so I came up with 6 that i loved and started using them. Here I am to share them all. I think they make great homemade gifts like teacher appreciation gifts and mother’s day crafts for kids.

Why Use a Sugar Scrub?

About once a month skin cells are shed for new ones and while the body can do this use a sugar scrub or salt scrub can help remove the old cells which is why scrubs are so popular at beauty spas to remove dead skin cells, refresh and rejuvenate skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, are the ingredient in exfoliating scrubs. Sugar is used because the glycolic acid found in sugar cane is a naturally occurring AHA.

My 6 Homemade Scrubs

  1. Coconut Honey Scrub
  2. Zesty Lemon Scrub
  3. Candy Cane Scrub
  4. Rosemary Lemon Salt Scrub
  5. Brown Sugar Scrub
  6. Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

Homemade Scrubs Printable Tags

If you’re making any of these Use this free Homemade Sugar Scrubs printable to label!

Sugar Scrub Photo

What is your favorite sugar scrub? I keep mine in the shower and use daily instead of a facial cleanser.

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