6 FREE Stationary Products

Taxes stink but Vistaprint has some FREEBIES to make it easier. With this set of free stationery and organizational tools, you’ll be set to get your paperwork and taxes in order in no time. Our products make it easy for you to jot down notes, calculate sums and organize your home office. Here are 6 FREEBIES, you just pay shipping and let me tell ya: it’s still cheaper than elsewhere!

Shipping Rates:

  • Note Pad: $5.65
  • Checks: $5.23
  • Pens: $5.77
  • Sticky Notes: $5.70
  • Notebooks: $5.94
  • Business Cards: $7.09


  1. N J Gill says:

    It’s nice that those products hold still – it’s so much easier to use them that way. (You spelled “stationery” right in the text, but not in the headline.)

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