6 Free Back To School Items From Vistaprint

Vistaprint knows that heading back to school can add up.  New clothes, shoes and supplies.  Vistaprint is offering 6 items for free just pay shipping and handling.  Below are the six items you can snag for free and their shipping prices:

Shipping prices:
T-Shirt : $5.52
Calendar: $5.32
Business Cards: $7.09
Stamp: $7.09
Tote Bag: $5.52
Photo Flip Book: $7.09

Use the photo flip book for one of your families summer vacations, the address stamp is perfect for the young ones play time and to teach them their address at the same time.  I have printed several calendars and used for gifts for the great grandparents and parents.  Worried that the calendar has missed half the year already?  Don’t worry you can pick which month you want it to start with and it gives you 12 months from that month.  Business cards are essential with back to school.  I sent them to school with my son and asked his teacher to send one home with each kid for their parents.

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