$50 Magic Kitchen gift card for $15

What’s for dinner? With no time to prepare a dish, it’s either instant ramen, mac and cheese, leftover pizza, or anything quick you can whip up. So much for flavor and nutrition… With MagicKitchen.com, enjoy tasty, home-made meals. Brought straight to your door. Save yourself from asking that question or having the 6 pm ugg. Know what’s for dinner with help from Magic Kitchen.  70% Off Large Selection Of Gourmet Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep.Ends 2/3.

With this gift certificate, choose your favorites from MagicKitchen.com’s online menu. A delicious selection of main courses, sides, soups, desserts, and snacks. Like salmon, beef teriyaki, apple-stuffed pork tenderloin, vegetable enchiladas, tilapia in Mediterranean sauce, lemon pepper chicken, carrot cake, broccoli cheese crepes, and much more. Their Healthy Meal Plans can be customized to fit your taste preferences and health requirements… including meals for people with special dietary needs.

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