5 Ways To Save $10 Per Month

Buying Generic
Sometimes when you buy brand name products you’re really paying for all the advertising they do to market themselves. Put your money back in your wallet and switch some of your favorite items over to generic and you’ll be surprised at how similar they are.
A while ago I decided it was time to try some cheaper coffee and so I emptied out the coffee canister and added the cheaper brand. 3 days later and neither my husband nor I thought there was a big difference and we’ve managed to cut our coffee purchases by $10 a month.
Snacks are a great place to start saving by using generics and if you’re ready to start packing school lunches again, I encourage you to start trying store brands.

Making A List
Unplanned purchases send your grocery bill up by 20% which is why you need a list when you go shopping. We all know that “running into a store for just one item” can cost about $30 unless you go with a plan and “put the blinders on.”

Brown Bag It
If you’re buying lunch every day you’re spending an average of $5 per day, $25 a week or $1250 per year. Taking in leftovers or preparing food at home always saves money and is usually a lot healthier so grab a little lunch tote. There’s no reason to actually do a brown bag!

Switch From Pop To Water
The average family goes through 2 cases of pop a month. Instead of chugging on a small can filled with sugar, why not switch to gold old fashioned water and save around $10 per month. You don’t need to buy bottled water either. There are some great filters out there like the Brita for the fridge or PUR one that fits right onto your faucet.

Get On The Phone
Have you ever wondered if you were paying too much for cable or your phone bill? If you’ve never called your provider then you’ll never know. We’ve been customers of our cable company for 2 years, always paid on time and been loyal. That’s why when I called recently and asked, “Is that the best rate you can do?” I was given a $15 per month discount. If you don’t get an immediate response be diligent and willing to talk to a supervisor who can often negotiate a better deal for you.

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