5 Spending Resolutions for 2013 #5

Resolve to get some support and encouragement.

We start a diet, we head to Weight Watchers and tell all our friends about it. We vow to excerise and we rope in all our girlfriends so why is it any different with saving money? Here at Mummy Deals I’ve tried to promote an atmosphere of support. A Weight Watchers for money saving if you will, the WiiFit kick butt class of budget trimming!

Because I recognize that habits of a lifetime are hard to quit. That remembering to buy the Crest over the Colgate because it’s free or making a list and not just “running into the store” are all important and sometimes we need a little kick in the hiney to remind ourselves that it’s worth it.
It’s worth it to live on less.
It’s worth it to be able to give things away.
It’s worth it to start living again.
It’s worth it to start saving again.
For that reason I’m here as a resource and I’d ask you to be here too.
Seasoned pros: Jump in and comment and help the newbies. Send me stories/emails/piccies of things that have helped you or how you’ve succeeded.
Newbies: Ask, ask, ask. Don’t know your ECB from your SS? Just ask. No biggie.

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