5 Spending Resolutions For 2013 #3

Resolve to start shopping at ALDI.

Once an unclean, unkept place with more MSG, high fructose corn syrup and water added ingredients than is healthy for any normal person, if you haven’t stepped into an ALDI recently, may I suggest that 2013 be the year you do? Here’s just a few reasons why….and trust me there’s many more!

As mentioned, although it used to be full of nasty ingredients that enabled them to make cheaper products, now I’ve read the labels and there’s none of that nastiness lurking. In fact I once compared brand name cereal with ALDI cereal and I was shocked at which had the high fructose corn syrup in it.

Fit n Active.

Planning a diet this year or just love eating healthy? ALDI has you covered with their inexpensive diet range named Fit n Active. With salad dressings galore, rice cakes, and great brown rice, there’s no need to spend more money on good food.

Kids in diapers?

I’ve tried ALDI ones and they work! At only $4.99 a pack it’s worth trying your child in them too me thinks, my review is here: Aldi diapers review.

Baking products

There’s nowhere cheaper for pie crusts, sugar or most other baking products.


At around only $1.20 for a giant bag of chips or tortilla chips, there’s no need to pay more at a regular grocery store.

Frugal Flowers

One trick I have when buying flowers is a little unusual. I buy them from ALDI. Seeing as I’ve told a couple of friends recently and they had no idea you could buy flowers there I figured it was worth a post!! They’re at the front of the store, on the right when you first walk in in most ALDIs.
ALDI has roses for $3.99 for 6 and bunches of flowers for around $2.99. If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking they’re no good, then you’re just like me! Until….someone bought me some from a florist and at the same time Hubs came home with some from ALDI. No word of a lie the ALDI flowers outlasted the florist ones by a WHOLE week!!!!
They make a fun gift and as they’re so cheap you could buy a few bunches and give someone special a great big bunch of flowers.

Couponless Shopping

I don’t know about you but sometimes I hate clipping coupons! The great thing with ALDI is they don’t take them. Their prices are so cheap you won’t need them and so it makes it easier to run in and out.

Things to remember:

  • Take a quarter for the cart.
  • Remember those reusable bags.
  • They take cash or debit.

All of these things keep their costs down.

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  1. Had to add a few more reasons why Aldi is great! Their cashiers start at about $11/hr. Most retail positions pay less than $8/hr. Aldi employees have great benefits – also unusual. Furthermore, Aldi’s Fit&Active is the only brand of popcorn (in my experience) that pops all the way through without burning! Fit & Active is also great!

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