5 Spending Resolutions For 2013 #1

Resolve to start buying on sale.

It seems simple enough and yet it’s HUGE when it comes to budgeting and will make a world of difference.

You know the drill, you run into a store last minute to grab a couple of things and you end up with a cart load of groceries that weren’t on sale. Because you shopped without a list and ignored sales you spent more than you wanted to.

Shop the Loss Leaders

The Loss Leaders are the items on the front and back page of a grocery sales flyer. They’re the items that the store promotes to lead you in and then hopes you buy other things while there. They’re the sweet potatoes for $.28# around Thanksgiving that the store hopes will pull you in and lead you to buy everything else there for convenience. Now because we don’t need to shop at 5 grocery stores a week (hoorah!) you’re gonna do the rest of your shopping at the store that has the best loss leaders for you that week. That may change next week.

The loss leader are what you, the Savvy Shopper, are buying. No wandering off into the meat that looks great but is $4.99#. Nope. For you it’s the meat that’s $2 or less per pound. That means that one week you’re eating more pork, the next maybe it’s chicken. Oh the variety! Oh the savings!!!

Watch Price Per Pound and Shop Seasonally

You want strawberries but the apples are $1 cheaper per pound. That’s a HOWGE chunk of change different and unless you’re going to dip them in chocolate (YUM-O!), you should be putting the apples in the basket and dreaming of warmer weather when strawberries will be back in season.

Start to get an idea of how much is a good price per pound. For most things I suggest $1# for fruit and vegetables and $2# for meat. That means if I see something more expensive it’s not going in the basket. It also means the reverse: If I see a fruit we love for cheaper than that I buy a bunch!

Free is Free. The end.

You love Crest but you know that the Colgate is free at Walgreens this week. Do you spend a couple more dollars on your fave toothpaste or realize that the $3 you saved by getting the freebie can pay for a caramel macchiato or go in the budget? Free is free and no matter what brand it is if you’re going to save big this year, you’re going to need to start getting free toiletries. Never knew you could get free toiletries from Walgreens and CVS? Read this and this and then sign up for my emails so that you’ll know what’s free each week!

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