5 Reasons I’m Giddy About The MOPS Convention

As I type this I’m just about ready.  Ready to start the craziness of packing and making sure I’ve got everything.  Making sure that I have everything I need for a 3 year old busy bee to survive a long road trip and everything for a little baby.  This week I’m headed to the MOPS Convention in Nashville and I’m pumped! While most Moms are heading there for a break I’m taking my two little monkeys as I’m still feeding Chase.  No panic though I’m taking a nanny in the form of my very capable Mother in Law for the adventure of a lifetime and can I just tell you: I’m GIDDDDDDDDDDDDDY as I think about it.  Here are my reasons:

1) I LOVE networking and I can’t wait to meet the likes of Kathi Lipp and Jill Savage IRL.  URL is ok but IRL over coffee is my preferred way any day.

2) I get to meet a friend who I haven’t seen since Thailand 5 years ago.  She’s 5 miles from the hotel.  Squee!

3) Finally, finally, seeing the Operation Christmas Child media team in person.  I LOVE that ministry and I can’t wait.

4) A roomful of women – Moms – who all love Jesus and their kids?  How cool is this gonna be?

5) Last, and not least, the chance to be my fashionista self! Show off my newly pedicured toes, new shoes and dress I just had to have for the event 😉

Some things are just worth getting giddy and blogging about!


  1. I didn’t know you were a MOPS mom 🙂 me too!! Not going to make it to convention this year, but VERY excited for the two other leaders from our group who are attending — can’t wait to hear all about it from them!


  2. These are all great reasons!! I hope that your little ones have fun with their grandma and that you get a bit of a break with all that will be going on.

  3. I hope you had a great time at Convention! I did too! Back to work we go today!

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