5 New Decor Items on a Budget

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It’s a new year.  You’ve taken down the Christmas trimmings and all of a sudden your house is looking a little sparce.  Maybe it’s the drab weather we’ve been having recently but as we head into spring (yes, it’s coming!) it’s a great time to start thinking new decor for your home and of course if you want to do it on a budget you’re going to have to get creative.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Family Dollar’s huge selection of affordable home décor and I gotta tell you: I was impressed.  They’ve got everything from matching bath towels for just $5  to wall metal clocks or mirrors for only $20.   Here are 5 ways to spruce up your house this spring using Family Dollar items without breaking the bank:

1) Lamps
If you’re like me right now you’ve got all the lights on in the house after 5pm just to make it feel brighter in there.  How about a new lamp to brighten things up?  They start at just $6.

2) Bath Towels
We’ve been married 11 1/2 years and lemme tell you our towels are looking like it!  For just $5 each i may have to treat myself to some new ones.

3) The Essential Vase
The essential vase is clear, without pattern and short yet fat.  In my house, I’ve been known to add cranberries, leaves, flowers and even peas (yup you read that right!) to make a cute, frugal centerpiece. The great thing is not only does it look great, cost hardly anything but it’s very unique.

4) A New Rug
Usually super expensive that you can’t afford to change it ever, they’ve got a wide selection of Interiors by Design that cost only $5 or $10 to complete your living room look.

5) Candles
Nothing says complete like a lit candle or two.  For a party or special evening I love to have votives in stock and light about 20 of them and place them all over the house.  For winter evenings it’s a perfect way to brighten up dark evenings.

Not only do Family Dollar have some good deals out there all the time but quite often they run coupons and from now until 2/7 you can save $5 off your purchase of home décor merchandise with this  Family Dollar Home Décor Coupon making it even more affordable!

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