5 Great Money Making Apps

Money Making Apps


When I was in Chicago recently for a Verizon event we talked about money making apps and decided to investigate my favorites to share with you. As our Smartphones cost us enough money it’s good to get apps that are free like these ones and they help you make money so here are my favorite 5 money making apps.


Shopkick is a GREAT FREE shopping app that helps you earn money while shopping and if you plan on doing any of that this holiday, download it FREE today.

Field Agent

They’ve made it their mission to pay people real money through their iPhone for doing work. We’ve paid over $1.8 Million dollars to thousands of “Agents” for doing work with Field Agent. Jobs are small assignments you can complete at places you go every day like your local grocery store. We’ll pay you for collecting information like photos or product information for our clients all over the world.


EasyShift is the fun, quick and easy way to earn money, by doing simple assignments like taking a picture, recording a price or giving your opinion. NOTE: The reviews on this one are mixed.

App Trailers

Preview Apps and get points that you can redeem with FREE $10 iTunes Codes, PayPal, Amazon and many more with App Trailers.  Watch the hottest high quality streaming videos of Apps in the App Store. The only place you can see a movie preview of an App and get rewarded for it.

Gig Walker

Gigwalk is a new way to get paid while building your professional profile. With Gigwalk, you can connect with businesses looking to get local contract work done. Build a great profile on the Gigwalk app and you’ll never miss an opportunity to find local contract work with thousands of businesses.

Money Saving Apps
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