5 Cheap Dates

So, you’re on a budget but you don’t want to just watch tv on your date night? Here’s 5 fun things to do on a budget:

1) Pizza and a movie. Make pizzas together using this great recipe and then grab a rental from Redbox for a buck!

2) Dinner date. Go out to dinner using a gift certificate from restaurant.com. Details here.

3) Memory Lane. Pull out some old pictures from a vacation and make a meal based on where you went. After dinner browse through the piccies and relive the vacation.

4) Drive-in movie. Not all towns have this but if you do, it’s a great inexpensive way to save money. If you’re in NWI, I can highly recommend the 49er which, sadly is closed for this year. When it’s open you can get two great movies for $7!!

5) Coffee and chat. I have a friend who’s hubby (boyfriend at the time) took her out for coffee and had pre-written some questions that they discussed. It sounds a little cheesy but when you’ve been married for a while it can be fun to ask crazy questions. Here’s my list of 20 questions you can use!!

May I just say that I’m a HUGE advocate for date nights. Even with kids, your marriage needs a little TLC that only time alone can do!

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