4 Ways to Rid Your World of Disposables


disposables For years we’ve been a family of convenience but this is a post on 4 ways to rid your world of disposables.  I’m a busy Mum but each of these things has worked for me and my family.

I love my Swiffer and all the refills that go with it, I really hate the thought of discarding ziploc bags and baby wipes seem to be the best way to wipe up little messes, right??? What started as a blog experiment a couple of years ago  has turned into a war against the disposables in our house.

1) Ditch the Sponge

A few weeks ago our kitchen sponge smelt. Again. I’d put it in the microwave several times to try and get the smell off but it just gets yucky after a couple of weeks so I took action and on a recent shopping trip to Target I purchased 12 washcloths for $2.99. They’re perfect size and super cheap. From now on my dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher  will be washed with the cloths. One small step accomplished.

2) Lose the Wipes

My friend is always cleaning up messes with baby wipes and after getting so many for cheap/free with the Huggies coupon a few weeks ago, I had started to use them like they were going out of fashion. Until I remembered that they were going to end up in a landfill someday. Some of you may hate me for this but I can’t bring myself to use cloth diapers so I want to help by not using too much disposables like unnecessary wipes. Instead we have the washcloths on hand and I use those for wiping up messy faces.

3) Add Some Microfiber to Your World

My Swiffer was a hard one to do but this was more a cost issue. I hated the price of refills but loved the Swiffer. One day my MIL came home with some microfiber cleaning cloths and announced that she’d read somewhere that you could use a cloth on the bottom of your Swiffer and it worked just as good. I tried it and sure enough, it works. In fact, it works really well.

4) Question a Ziploc

Finally, the almighty ziploc challenge. Yak. I love ziplocs and their convenience. I love quickly bagging things up for later and hate to waste. I realize that tupperwares are cheaper and better for the environment so I tried it. This one is a work in progress let me tell you but I’m on it. For the money and for the earth. In Thailand we’d wash them out all the time as they were expensive. Of course we didn’t put raw meat in them and do that but still we washed them and then stuck them to the wall (yuppers, who knew they’d stick!) to dry. Now back here and I’m back to my old habits. Some die hard but I’m determined. I’ve started being conscious of what I’m saving and getting out a tupperware. It’s amazing what blog pressure (unbeknowest to you guys!) can do for me. I feel accountable and with it the ziplocs have pretty much ceased. Pretty much!

Our town makes it really easy for me to recycle and even provides the bin which is great. Paper towels are in our house but honestly rarely used so I wasn’t too concerned with that. I’m not perfect. Some of my journey has come from money saving but a lot of it has been motivated by the earth and the fact that my children will one day pay for all the rubbish we throw out. No, I’m not a cloth diaperer but I’m doing my part for the earth.


  1. rebecca smotrilla says:

    I got a Libman sprayer mop (like swiffer) but you refill the spray with your own cleaner & wash the pad. I love it

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