4 Ways To Cheer Someone Up With a Photo

Last week I asked for pictures on my Facebook wall and I got the above one as my Pic of the Week! Isn’t it the most adorable thing? Thanks Janet!  If you want to be featured, send your photo to mummydeals at yahoo

It made me think though that it’s sometimes the simplest things that make you smile the most like when I texted a photo of my 3 month old holding the words, “I love you” and sent them to his Daddy. For that reason, here’s some simple photo ideas:

 1) Birthday Cards

  1. Upload your photo to Ink Garden.
  2. Right now they have a deal where you can get You can get 12 Note Cards shipped for $3.79. Use Code: FREENCARD and it’s less than 35 cents a card! Add your own photos and images.
  3. Send those out and your cards will be quite the hit too. I even used them for a baby shower card with the words, “literally Happy BIRTHday” and everyone passed it around.

2) Texts

Take a photo of your little munchkin holding words like “I Love You” or “Have a Great Day” and text it to family and friends.

3) Wedding Thank Yous

Instead of boring run of the mill notes take a piccie of you and your new spouse n your big day holding a sign with the words, “thanks” on it.

4) Birthday Thank Yous

Take a photo of the birthday child with each family that comes to their party, print and send as a thank you and souvenir.


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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